About INL

Our Principles

Co-founded and led by Neville Pritchard and Ian Carlton, INL Consultancy works in partnership with our clients and partners to help them develop the leadership & management business skills their reputation depends on. With over 40 development experts worldwide, our flexibility and experience allows us to deliver highly tailored consultancy and training interventions to suit your organisation's goals and culture.

INL Consultancy Ltd provides direct development programmes and specialist learning & development services.


INL build bespoke programmes of development for Leaders and Managers at all levels in organisations using the open programmes as a framework so that you benefit from reduced design time. With experience in both public and private sectors internationally, INL seek to establish organisational intent and expectation from development activity. INL enable individual needs to be met within the approaches utilised, and then provide strong metrics to enable you, the host organisation, to realise explicit benefits. We work collaboratively with your management to ensure any shifts in performance may be sustained.

Example Leadership and Management Development Programmes

  • Introduction to leadership and management development
  • Senior manager development framework - including strategy alignment, cost management, the leap from manager to leader, change leadership, risk management, and organisation culture development
  • Focused performance management
  • Coaching for managers - establishing a culture of continuous improvement
  • Persuasion and influencing skills
  • Communication impact and management
  • Interpersonal impact
  • Performance focused team development
  • Manager induction frameworks
  • Effective interviewing
  • Essential facilitation skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Career development and succession planning
  • Team building
  • Trainer development programme - including essential training theory and practice, performance focused competency and objective alignment, blended programme design, advanced facilitation, effective benchmarking and impact measurement
  • Training manager development - utilizing the AIMEES plus framework and the ‘valued to valuable’ model developed by Neville Pritchard.

INL Consultancy will work with you to define what a good Learning and Performance Journey looks like to achieve your organisation's short, medium and long term goals. Through recommendations INL can develop the most appropriate series of interventions to meet each stage of that journey, aligning your learning strategy to the needs of the organisation. INL also have access to partner organization technology to further enhance impact.


  • Review the impact of leadership & management development training
  • Leadership and management development programmes
  • Learning audit and strategy review
  • Training needs analysis
  • Talent management & development
  • Performance focused competency and objective development
  • Specialist learning & development coaching
  • Learning journey and training design
  • Training delivery
  • Measurement frameworks for L&D
  • Management team effectiveness
  • General team efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Executive coaching
  • Leader succession and talent frameworks