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INL Consultancy works in partnership with our clients to help them develop the skills their reputation depends on. With over 40 development experts in the UK and worldwide, our flexibility and experience allows us to deliver highly tailored consultancy and training interventions to suit an organisation's goals and culture.

Our total management service will help you to:

HR and learning challenges to developing management performance

  • What is the unique strategy for the development of leaders, managers & identified talent for your organisation?
  • To what extent is the organisation's executive management confident in the contribution of learning and development?
  • Do in-house individuals add value over external expertise?

INL Consultancy Ltd will work with you to ensure a unique development strategy for the training and wider development of leaders, managers & talent to align to your organisation's intent and enable achievement.

Additionally, INL Consultancy has developed the Learning Sanctuary and the INL Coaching Programme, designed to raise performance and develop learning and HR professionals within your organisation.

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HR and learning challenges to maximising learning as a performance lever

  • How does your learning activity provide strategic value to your organisation today?
  • How will it provide strategic value in three years time?
  • How can you ensure training spend on leadership, management development & talent is properly tracked and its effectiveness measured?
  • How can you ensure quality decision-making in relation to your investment in Learning & Development for these key groups?
  • How can you alleviate people risks and ensure governance of HR and learning in providing leader & manager support?

INL Consultancy will work with you to define a strong ‘learning journey’ to underpin intended performance improvement and achieve your organisation‘s short, medium and long term goals. Through our recommendations, we can develop the most appropriate series of interventions to meet each stage of that journey, aligning your strategy to the needs of the organisation and enabling stronger leadership & management.

Learning and Performance Journeys

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HR and learning challenges to accessing change, performance & training specialists

  • With an increasingly complex and more mobile workplace, how can you best provide quality training to engage and reach employees in this constantly changing work environment?

INL Consultancy has the solution. The INL team of development experts can design, provide and deliver integrated learning solutions that are right for your organisation, cost efficient, effective and sustainable.

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Learning management

Learning management (whether training, coaching, formal or informal) can have the negative ability to leak money. And this can lead to:

  • Hidden costs
  • Inefficient processes
  • Ineffective learning solutions
  • Low value concept of learning within the organisation
  • Lack of employee morale and engagement
  • Loss of talent
  • Misaligned and uncoordinated learning
  • Loss of market share
  • Poor customer perception

When learning is managed and aligned to your company culture as well as strategy it can positively influence all of these factors. This is where INL Consultancy and their total learning management service can help your investment in learning achieve what your organisation expects and needs.

INL Consultancy provides a total approach to the management of learning. To find out more about our services, contact us at neville@inlconsultancy.com