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How we work

We work with learning teams and management to ensure a depth of understanding of need and organisational intent. In doing so we identify existing processes, systems, role responsibilities, performance, culture and behaviour – their alignment and interaction – in order to appreciate the relevance and potential in change.

We assign appropriate specialists in terms of content and subject emphasis to complete:

  • Needs analysis and performance consulting – This involves the thorough analysis of need against intent and explores the ‘hidden wiring’ of the organisation. This process seeks to identify the knowledge, skill, processes and behavioural change requirements that will inform the emphasis, balance and media blend that would enable an integrated, efficient, and effective learning programme. One that will lead to measured and sustained change.
  • Design including e-learning – We would agree the design requirements with the organisation and identify the most cost efficient and effective blend of learning mechanism to address the need. We would agree which elements would be designed by whom and an appropriate sign-off process.
  • Delivery of training – We can provide expertise from our group of specialists to deliver any face-to-face events and to assist in the coordinated implementation of all components of a blended solution. We utilise the ‘INL six elements of effective implementation’ methodology.
  • Coaches and mentors – We have specialist leadership and management coaches who can provide support through face-to-face interventions, telephone or on-line support.
  • Team development support – Where the requirement is team based we can provide rapid design and facilitation support to assist the organisation in exploring issues and seek improvement through team learning. We can assist the organisation in the generation of a learning culture through simple team based workshops and develop an on line coaching support mechanism.
  • Project Management – We can provide project management support for learning programme development, where the project manager we supply works with the organisation’s learning team and management to ensure all of the above stages are completed to time and budget with appropriate measurement, analysis, reporting and continuous development frameworks incorporated.
  • Return on investment – We have significant expertise in this field and will work with you to ensure quality measurement through existing processes, informed analysis, appropriate reporting and continuous development against organisational intent.

The frameworks we help to build will have longevity and the approach is transferable to wider application within the organisation.

Additionally we are able to offer distant learning programmes with seminar and coaching support for four Chartered Management Institute qualifications:

  • Level 3 Introductory Certificate in Management
  • Level 3 Certificate in Management
  • Level 4 Introductory Diploma in Management
  • Level 4 Diploma in Management

In utilising the CMI content, we may be able to gain accreditation for the bespoke programmes in such a way that on completion of elements individuals within the organisation gain a CMI qualification.

We are also able to offer coaching and training support for Training & Development specialist qualifications.

All bespoke programmes are built to ensure appropriateness against respective level expectation and organisational need.