• Are your managers achieving a real balance in their roles?
  • Are your management teams under pressure?
  • Are they managing their people and the performance required?
  • Are your emerging leaders fully supported in their development?
  • Is there a clear intent in the way you develop leaders and managers?
  • Is your L&OD strategy totally aligned with the intent of the organisation?
  • Is your design of learning support fully stretched?
  • Do you need to enhance the depth of your L&OD delivery?
  • Have you built a clear and relevant measurement & reporting process within L&OD - do you know the impact of your learning & performance support activity?
  • Are you in need of some interim L&OD leadership?

INL Consultancy service offers consulting, facilitation and coaching support to the total management of learning, to ensure intended change and improved performance. With over 40 experienced development experts worldwide, we provide bespoke services and open programmes in London, Buckingham-Bicester, Edinburgh, Dubai, New York, Houston, Amsterdam, Ratzeburg, Milan and Pretoria. We provide expertise and resource to build and deliver Performance Focused Learning Journeys and measurement that will underpin improvement for all those involved.

Our learning and performance support service includes:

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INL Consultancy brings expertise, depth of analysis, objective thinking, external experience, performance focus, and implementation resources to help you meet your challenges in:

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For further information please email us: neville@inlconsultancy.com

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