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Maximise learning as a performance lever

Whatever the intent for your business, you will need to have a well considered strategy to achieve coordinated short, medium and longer term goals.

You may be seeking competitive edge, pushing for growth, moving into new markets, creating innovative solutions or enabling transformation through organisational restructure.

All of these drivers need employees to engage with your strategy and organisation in order that they wear the badge, and deliver sustained high quality performance.

Challenges | Consultancy and advice | Audit of learning & development | Development of learning support tools and frameworks


  • What is the actual cost of performance growth?
  • Are your profits growing but cost to income ratios remaining constant or receding?
  • Are you confident you have the capabilities within your leaders and managers to drive your strategy to the intended future state?
  • Is the intended investment level appropriate to the potential value gain?
  • What leadership, management and operating models should you adopt to enable you to move forward?

These are all questions that when answered indicate possible inhibitors to the achievement of strategy. INL Consultancy has led transformational change in learning within major international organisations and with each has ensured learning alignment to organisation needs and managed cost, content, supply, impact and sustainability.

Through our consultancy and advice service we can review your current learning strategy for leaders & managers and operational frameworks to ensure alignment and integration to the organisation, and implement consistent approaches to the measurement and articulation of business value contribution. Your strategy will enable optimisation of investment through the most appropriate management of learning and recognise diversities of culture and brand values.

INL Consultancy offers a complete management service from consultancy through to effective implementation on all our services outlined below.

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Consultancy and advice

  • Performance consultancy and analysis of organisational culture with specialist resource.
  • Advice and support in practical approaches to building a coaching culture where appropriate.
  • Consultancy, review and advice for organisation design and change initiatives to maximise investment in learning.
  • Consultancy, review, advice and build of learning strategy (leadership, management & talent) - aligning and integrating investment in learning to organisational needs.
  • Alleviating people risks through effective governance of learning for leaders, management & talent
  • Improving alignment, integration, governance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of learning approaches for leaders & managers in organisations. For more information, see the INL AIGEES Framework.
  • Reviewing and assessing the appropriateness and impact of specific leader & management development interventions.

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Audit of learning and development approaches for leader, manager & talent

  • A quality and risk review of learning and recommendations with coaching and support for effective implementation.
  • Training of internal auditors.
  • Behavioural analysis of teams and recommendations to improve performance.
  • Quality learning centre audit: Self Assessment - Health Check (PDF).
  • We also recommend an awareness of the ASTD Workplace Learning & Performance (WLP) Scorecard®, (now ATD) which picks up on some of the elements in the INL framework.

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Development of learning support tools and frameworks

We undertake full analysis and benchmarking of existing approaches and provide recommendations and support to implementation.

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For further information, please contact us at: neville@inlconsultancy.com or telephone: +44 (0)845 833 1179.