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Change, performance & training specialists

INL Consultancy brings you the expertise that has achieved 15 industry awards in the past eight years for contributions to people development, including a prestigious 2005 American Society for Training & Development (now ATD) BEST award. Neville Pritchard now serves as a review panel member for the ATD BEST awards.

INL Consultancy will provide specialists in performance consulting and needs analysis, learning design and delivery, and evaluation/measurement frameworks. INL have access to the very best in the learning world with capabilities to develop and deliver programmes overseas to maximise cost efficiencies. Our total management service provides project management support for learning solutions through to event management.

INL provides you with the opportunity to work with design and delivery specialists who are fluent in all learning media from face-to-face, e-learning, coaching, performance support and action learning solutions. INL seek to integrate all organisation learning mechanisms. Internal learning solutions are bespoke and will be an appropriate blend for the intended benefit and cost. We supply high quality specialists in training design and delivery in the following categories:

  • Review the impact of leadership & management development training
  • Leadership and management development programmes
  • Learning audit and strategy review
  • Training needs analysis
  • Talent management & development
  • Performance focused competency and objective development
  • Specialist learning & development coaching
  • Learning journey and training design
  • Training delivery
  • Measurement frameworks for L&D
  • Management team effectiveness
  • General team efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Executive coaching
  • Leader succession and talent frameworks


  • Do you currently have the most effective training being delivered within your organisation?
  • Does your training utilise the best mix of technology, face-to-face delivery and support tools to ensure that it is the best it can be?
  • Do you measure the performance impact of your training?
  • Do you have access to the very best learning professionals?

INL experts will work with you to complete, or review, a needs analysis and performance consulting exercise to establish your exact requirements, or analysis of current impact, and will recommend and develop the right solutions to support your organisation and culture.

INL experts follow a unique six stage implementation tool, the 'INL six elements of effective implementation' and the ‘INL AIGEES framework’, to ensure we maximise the investment in learning.

We offer a complete training management service that not only concentrates on the training design and delivery, but on the communication, follow up support and measurement to ensure the training is successful and improved performance sustainable.

Our provision of quality resource includes:

  • Needs analysis and performance consulting
  • Training design, including e-learning
  • Training delivery
  • Performance and result focused competency and objective development
  • Measurement of ‘Learning Journey’ impact
  • Coaches and mentors
  • Team development support
  • Specialist HR programmes
  • Conference speaking
  • Learning & development project management

For further information, please contact us at: neville@inlconsultancy.com or telephone: +44 (0)845 833 1179.