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INL Coaching Programme

What is INL Coaching?

The INL Coaching Programme is a unique opportunity for Learning and HR professionals to engage in a personally tailored programme designed to enhance performance and accelerate personal and professional development. At INL Consultancy we have developed our own approach to performance driven coaching to meet and suit individuals’ desire, confidence, learning style, knowledge and technical application through operational, organisational and optical lenses.


  • Do you spend a lot of money on coaches but see very little return?
  • Is having a coach seen to be the latest 'must have' from some senior managers without truly realising the incredible potential that a top quality coach can bring?
  • Are your HR and learning professionals disadvantaged by not having access to the very best specialist coaches in the UK?

The INL coaching programme has been successfully developed from our involvement working with business, life, and sports coaches. We measure our coaching activity to produce quantifiable gains in performance.

INL coaches are UK leaders in this field and have worked extensively in the public and private sectors throughout the world.

Benefits of the INL Coaching Programme

  • Raise confidence and self-awareness to higher levels.
  • Individual tailored coaching programme to suit your learning style, knowledge and pace - whilst developing desire, confidence, technical application, performance and contribution.
  • One to one coaching sessions with experienced coaches providing honest and objective feedback - it can be lonely at the top.
  • Promotion of sustained performance improvement.
  • Development of personal, technical and cultural skills with a performance focus.
  • International experience and benchmarking from world-class coaches.
  • Support for HR and learning professionals transitioning into more senior or specialist roles.
  • Support for newly appointed learning professionals in understanding their new responsibilities.
  • Support for HR and learning professionals continually working within a change environment.
  • Innovative and flexible approach.

INL Executive Coaching

A unique opportunity for learning executives and HR specialists who want to attain performance excellence and advance their career. We tailor sessions to meet personal, technical and cultural skills. Utilising the INL coaching model we explore the application of action coaching, energising leadership and the player-coach approach.

Objective advice, help and support from those who have worked successfully in your specialist field is difficult to find – success can be invigorating, mistakes can be costly if not learned from, so can you afford to be without a coach?

For further information on the INL Coaching Programme, please contact us at: neville@inlconsultancy.com or telephone: +44 (0)845 833 1179.