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  • Is your board or team high performing? How do you know?
  • Do you do what it takes to create the communication, norms and protocols necessary to work effectively, live and virtually?
  • How does the work flow within your team?

Improve team effectiveness with The Prager-Rautenberg-Pritchard Executive Team Development Initiative Programme, run exclusively at The Learning Sanctuary

A two or three day programme that will:

  • work on your real problems
  • learn the skills and techniques necessary to become a high performing leadership and management team
  • measure the effectiveness of your team in multiple ways
  • create a team flow that ensures you can tackle any issue together

The programme consists of:

  • team assessments to determine how well the team is performing and areas to focus on
  • team roles; ensuring key roles are known, understood and actioned
  • team coaching from an experienced team coach
  • team practice dealing with real issues
  • team problem solving
  • team banquet - put all the skills together while creating a gourmet banquet. Enjoy your gourmet efforts while reviewing the experience & potential application
  • on-going coaching support option for the team and for individuals

For more information contact Nicola Amies: nicola@thelearningsanctuary.net or visit The Learning Sanctuary website